Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 8 and 9

This post has been a long time coming.  Between getting a new computer and a new phone in the past month, I've had trouble finding some of my photos.  I have found most of them for these two weeks of Project Life, so I am going to go with what I have.  
Week 8:
We spent the first half of this week in South Carolina.  We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch on Sunday.  Maddie loved the salsa, and she ate a ton of it.  Her dress and tights were covered with it!
 The whole family came over Sunday evening to celebrate Maddie's birthday.  We set the timer on my camera and got a family picture.
We had a red and white polka dot party for Maddie's birthday.  We got the decorations at the dollar store (before the big snow earlier that week).  My mom made the cupcakes, and my sister made some fun cookies.

When Maddie saw her cupcake, she said, "Tada!  Whoo hoo!"
My nephew, Ryan, ate his frosting with his straw.

Maddie got lots of fun, girly gifts
and had a great time at her party!
The main reason for our visit was Jim's teacher recruitment conference.  He and I worked at our school's display Monday and Tuesday evenings, and he was there all day on Tuesday.  He learned quite a bit about teacher recruitment, and we met some potential teachers for the future.
On Tuesday, the kids and I spent the day with my mom, sister, and niece at the Children's Museum.  My parents wanted to do something special as part of Maddie and Drew's birthday gifts this year, so they planned this fun day.  We started with lunch at McDonalds.

We had so much fun at the museum!  Maddie went grocery shopping with a little cart.

We played with a giant Light Bright.

We went into a wind tunnel.

We played in the water.  Maddie tried to climb in!

We did construction.

We watched balls shoot through tubes.

Drew and Maddie went down this slide about 50 times.

Drew pulled himself up with a rope.

 Maddie got a new doll stroller (actually two of them!) for her birthday, and my sister let Maddie push her new little cousin around in the stroller (under close supervision).
 My dad knit matching hats for the three girl cousins, and we got a picture of them all wearing the hats.
 My brother read to Ryan and Maddie.
 We left for home on Wednesday morning, and the boys went back to school on Thursday, which was Cowboy Day for Drew.  Thankfully, we had some cowboy stuff at home!
 Maddie got into the Desitin twice this week!

Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
 I made a birthday party insert.  This is the front,
 and this is the back.
 I also made a Children's Museum insert.  Here's the front
 and the back.
Week 9:
Maddie had her 2 year well-visit on Monday, and it was her first visit to our new family doctor.  With Jim's new job, we got new health insurance.  The coverage and co-pays are good, but our doctor, the kids' pediatrician, and my endocrinologist don't take our new insurance.  I was quite concerned about having to find new doctors, but I decided to try a doctor that one of the teachers at our school recommended.  We love this new doctor!  Since she is a family doctor, we can all see her, she has taken over my thyroid stuff, which eliminates my need for an endocrinologist, and her office is less than a mile from our house!  I am so thankful that God has provided for us in this way.
Maddie rearranged the magazines in the waiting room.
 She had a great check-up!
 Maddie is my sneaky child.  I am constantly finding her with things she shouldn't have.  Here she is hiding under a table with the Pringles!
 Drew had Doctor Seuss Day on Friday.  He wore his Grinch shirt and made a Cat in the Hat mask.
 Maddie stole my Sonic drink at Late Stay!
 I subbed in second grade on Friday morning.  It was a half day, and Drew and I stopped at Sonic for lunch on our way over to get Maddie and drop Drew off for a sleep over at Jim's mom's house.
 Jim, Maddie, and I spent most of the day Saturday at the school, working to get things ready for the fundraising banquet the following Monday.  Maddie had a great time crawling around under the tables in the gym.
 Her buddy, James, joined her!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  Right beside my title, I added a business card from our new doctor's office.  (I blurred out the information for privacy.)  I used a craft knife to cut along the bottom of the masking-tape that was printed on the journaling card, and I tucked the top of the business card into the slit so it looks like I stuck the business card on with tape.
Here are Weeks 8 and 9 together.
 I am finally pretty well up to date on compiling all my photos onto the new computer, so I should be able to keep up with my Project Life posts on a weekly basis now!

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