Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 12 and 13

Week 12:
Our friends, Kristen and Kevin worked in Maddie's nursery Sunday morning, and Kristen texted me a picture of Maddie with Uncle Kevin.
 We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Monday with Reuben sandwiches.  I had been busy all day making dinner for two families who had just had babies, so Jim picked up the Reubens on the way home from work to save me from having to cook any more.
Pink and blue cupcakes for the new babies' families.
 Maddie got some dress-up clothes for her birthday, and she had fun trying them on.
 SO cute!
 Drew got some Lego sets for his birthday, and he and Jim put them together.
Jim and Drew came down with bad colds early in the week.  Drew felt so bad that he stayed home from school on Tuesday.  He rested, napped, and ate soup all day.  Poor Jim went to work each day, then came home and crashed each night.
Maddie woke up crying Thursday morning, and I walked into her room to find that she had thrown up in her bed.  She must have thrown up in the night and then fallen back asleep because it was everywhere in her bed and all over her.  She threw up one other time that day and had a lot of nasty diapers.  She took several naps, but besides the yucky diapers, she seemed to be feeling pretty good by the next morning. 
Jim had been absolutely miserable all week, and he hadn't really seen any improvement in how he was feeling, so he decided to take the day off from work on Friday to try to rest and get better from his cold.  I drove Drew over to school and then stopped at the grocery store on my way home to get a few things.  Once I got home, my stomach starting feeling upset.  Within an hour or two, Maddie's stomach virus had hit me hard.  I spent the afternoon and evening alternating between the couch, the bed, and the bathroom.  I haven't been that sick in a long, long time!  Poor Jim spent his sick day taking care of Maddie and me.
Jim's mom ended up picking Drew up from school and keeping him overnight Friday night to try to keep him away from the germs at home.  She called early Saturday morning to say that Drew had thrown up twice and that he was crying to come home.  She drove him home, and he spent almost all day in bed.  The stomach virus hit Jim later that morning, completing the cycle through our family.  It was a rough weekend!  We survived on pretzels, Sprite, and Gatorade, delivered to our house by Jim's mom.
Here's what I did for Week 12 of Project Life.
Week 13:
We were all in various stages of health on Sunday.  Jim, Drew, and I were starting to feel better from the stomach virus, but Jim was still struggling with his cold, and I felt pretty weak.  We all stayed home from church, but Jim had to go over to the school for an open house Sunday afternoon.  Many of the teachers had the same stomach virus that we had, so they muddled through the open house the best they could.
 Maddie had a fever off and on throughout the day on Sunday, and she snuggled and slept much of the day.
 I spent the day Monday sanitizing the house and doing laundry, and by Tuesday, we were all feeling a lot better.  I was asked to sub on Tuesday for a teacher whose daughter had the stomach virus.  I had to do recess duty, and guess who showed up for recess with the punishment of time against the wall - Drew!  He was a little embarrassed to have to tell his mother that he had been misbehaving that morning and that he had to miss some of recess!
 Drew got his third quarter report card this week, and he had all A's, except a B-plus in Handwriting.
 Drew and his friend, Abe, have lots of fun in Late Stay every Wednesday.  They played hockey in the gym this week.
 Drew and Maddie got new school tee-shirts.
 It was a busy week, and recovering from sickness made us a little tired by the end of the week.
 Maddie loves to get into Drew's stuff.  She figured out how to take pictures on his DS, and she loved to play with it.
 She also loves to dig through his lunchbox after school!
Drew had some birthday money to spend, so we took him to Meijer to buy a bike over the weekend.  Now to learn to ride it!
 Jim's sister dropped off Frozen for the kids, and we had a pizza and movie night - fun!
Here's what I did for Week 13 of Project Life,
and here are Weeks 12 and 13 together.

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