Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I can't believe it is December 1 already! Today is a bit of a different day for our family, since Jim is at home and not at work. His job with American Golf officially ended yesterday, and we had anticipated that he would be starting with the new company today. Unfortunately, there have been some delays with the contract between the new managing company and the golf course owner, and until those details are worked out, Jim is unemployed. We are hoping that this will be worked out in the next few weeks, but it could possibly be longer. While we are a bit disappointed and unsure of what the next couple of months hold for our family, we are trusting God to provide for us and to do His will in Jim's job situation. We would appreciate your prayers that everything will get settled and that Jim can be back to work soon. In the meantime, we will be spending lots of time together as a family, and Jim is looking forward to getting some projects done around our house. We are so thankful that Jim has the promise of a job and that God is in control of this situation!
We had a great Thanksgiving last week. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Jim's sister and brother-in-law's house. Drew was a great eater! He is becoming better and better about trying new foods, and we were thrilled about all the new things he ate on Thanksgiving day. He tried turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole, corn, and stuffing. He also enjoyed grapes, strawberries, cheese cubes, a juice box, and several chocolate chip cookies.
He had a great time playing with the cousins.
I thought I would also share some pictures of Drew's morning routine. When Drew gets up each morning, he heads straight to his train table. After playing for a few minutes, he usually starts to take the previous day's track apart, and then he asks me to build him a new one. (By the way, the Woody pajamas were a recent Marshall's purchase by Drew and Jim. They always bring home fun things when they go to that store! Drew loves these pajamas. They came in a set with a pair of Buzz Lightyear pajamas.)
I view the track building as a daily mental exercise as I work through a track using the pieces he has. :) This train table is probably Drew's most-loved and used toy, so I don't mind building his tracks each day.
We are looking forward to starting our Christmas book a day activity today, and next time I will show our Christmas decorations. We got them all up this past weekend.


Bev said...

I will keep you and your family in my prayers megan. Just remember if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!

Megan said...

Thanks, Bev! We appreciate your prayers, and we know that God will provide for us!