Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's New With Drew

Drew is lots of fun these days! He is into many things these days. One new thing is playing Memory. He and I have played it a few times, and he is starting to understand it better. We played one day last week after his nap, and we had a little snack of carrot and dip.
Drew has always been a very, very picky eater. This past month, he has been branching out quite a bit and trying many new things. We have been so excited to see this new development!

Another favorite of his lately has been coloring. He loves to color, and will sit on the floor for long periods of time coloring. When his coloring books have stickers, he pulls them off and piles them on the floor.
He still loves his cars and trains and spends lots of time playing with those. He loves to read too. He is doing great with his potty training, and has graduated to wearing underwear to bed at nap time and at night, and he has started going on his own sometimes too! We can't believe how big and independent he is getting!

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