Friday, September 24, 2010

Putt-Putting (Again)

Jim had his first day off in two weeks yesterday (September is very busy for him at work), and Drew and I were excited to spend the day with him. The boys did "guy stuff" in the morning while I got my hair done - "guy stuff" ended up being a tricycle ride to the park and lunch at Taco Bell. After Drew's nap, we drove up to shop at Great Lakes Crossing and putt-putt. We did the outdoor putt-putt course this time. Drew had a little reminder from Jim about how to hit gently.
Drew kept making us laugh. He did not understand the concept of hitting the ball and leaving it where it was until everyone else had hit. He kept running ahead and picking up his ball. Then he would put it right by the hole and putt it in.
Learning to hold the flag for his golfing partners.

Hitting the ball.
Jim had to do a little fishing a few times. Drew's ball went in the water twice, and mine went in once.

Running down to putt into the hole.
Drew didn't want to put his ball in the last hole because he knew it wouldn't come back.
It was a fun day, and we are hoping for things to slow down a little for Jim at work soon!

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