Saturday, November 7, 2009

Westview Orchard

Beth and I took the boys to Westview Orchard a few weeks ago. Due to our recent computer problems, I just found these pictures this weekend, so I am sharing the a little belatedly now.
Drew and Joseph had a great time climbing on the hay pyramid. We let them eat their doughnuts there.

They also enjoyed riding the little metal tractors.
Drew couldn't reach the pedals while sitting on the seat, so he improvised.
There were several wooden vehicles to climb and ride.
These two Thomas fans gravitated to the big wooden train.

We rode out to the apple trees in a wagon. We didn't pick any.
We took advantage of the pumpkins and hay bales to take a few pictures. The boys were pretty tired by this point and weren't too interested in pictures.

The boys loved the animals. The goats were climbing everything!
A ponyDonkeys

We really enjoyed our afternoon at the orchard!

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