Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Cowboy

Jim's niece Jennifer and her husband Dave have two boys, and we have been enjoying their boxes of hand-me-downs throughout Drew's life. They gave us a pair of cowboy boots in one of the recent boxes, and when I saw the boots, I decided that Drew should be a cowboy for Halloween. We started trying to gather the rest of his costume. Jennifer loaned us the vest and hat, and my mom gave us the bandanna. We looked everywhere for a little pistol and holster, with little luck. Mom was able to find one at Wilson's in Greenville, and she brought it up with her when she came last week.
Drew got to celebrate Halloween throughout the week this past week. We started at his library story time on Tuesday morning. The children got to come in their costumes, and their teacher read stories about Halloween.
Drew's buddy Joseph was there, and he was a dragon.
After the stories, the children went to the children's librarian's counter for their treat bags. Drew was thrilled with his huge bag of treats!
Checking out the treats.
On Friday evening we went to Zoo Boo with the Scally and Ollila families. Here is Drew with Joseph (who had changed from a dragon to a tiger).
Our family.
The boys and the dads. Drew walked the entire way through the zoo! We had brought the stroller along since Drew had been a little shaky when we tried the boots out at home, but he did great!
Getting some candy at a treat station.
We went out for burgers afterwards at Bagger Dave's. The boys were mesmerized with the train that drives around along the ceiling.
We took Drew trick-or-treating on Saturday evening. We started at Grandma Esther's apartment.
She had some little candy bars in a candy bowl, and she told him he could take a few and put them in his bucket. He kept going over to the bowl and throwing a few more pieces into the bucket. By the end, he had over 20! We put most of them back.
Drew and Grandma Esther.
We went to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Larry's house next. Drew's little cousin Lilly was there, so we were happy to get to see her! Sharon and Larry completely indulged Drew's love of all things Thomas, and they gave him the new Thomas movie, a Thomas coloring book, a Thomas sticker book, and a big pack of twistable crayons. He was so excited!
Drew made himself at home then by enjoying some snacks and watching about half of his new movie!

We had a great Halloween this year. It was fun to celebrate it with our family and friends!

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