Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Artist

I bought Drew some fingerpaints last weekend, but I hadn't had the courage to get them out and let Drew try them yet. Last night, it was just Drew and me at home (Jim had to close at work), and Drew needed a bath, so I decided to let him try out the paints before his bath. We got out his IKEA easel from Mom and Dad at Christmas, stripped Drew down to his diaper, and let him paint. He LOVED it! He was fascinated by the paint on his hands.
He just laughed and laughed the whole time.
His painting method involved smacking his hands onto the easel as hard as he could and then laughing hysterically.
He eventually decided to try out the foam brush too.

Drew ended up with paint all over his belly, arms, ears, hair and even on his nose.
One brush just wasn't enough!
Painting was messy, but so much fun!


Rebekah said...

How cute! Such a sweet little boy!

rob said...

What fun to see those pictures! I'm sure he would enjoy repeating the experience.

rob said...

I definitely think he's the next Picasso!