Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I apologize for my blogging absence lately. The past few weeks have been busy with traveling, getting back into the routine here at home and at school, and a massive basement clean-out.
Drew and I went to Greenville for Easter and the week following while I was on Spring Break from school. We had a very nice time seeing family and friends there. Drew got to do his first Easter Egg Hunt while we were there. We filled plastic eggs with his favorite - M&Ms (which he calls "M-ez") and scattered them throughout my parents' front yard. I was sure he would run all over and grab them up. I was wrong. He did not want to go in the grass or into the flower beds, so we had to move all the eggs onto the sidewalk. Once the eggs were on the sidewalk, Drew was finally ready to gather them, but he didn't do it very energetically.
My mom tried to help him put the eggs into the basket.
He realized that there were M&Ms in the eggs, and from then on, all he wanted to do was eat candy.

I will try to blog several times this week and include more pictures from our time in Greenville.

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