Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It is snowing here again. It hardly seems like April with snow falling and the need for winter coats. I am very ready for some spring-like weather!
I got the Slice die cutting machine in December, and it came with a card to send away for a free design card called "Seasons." I had seen what was on it, and I knew it had some snowflakes. I started this layout about a month ago and got it almost finished, but I was waiting for the new design card to come so I could add some snowflakes to finish off the page. My new card came yesterday, so on our snowy April evening last night, I finished up the page. This page is based on a sketch from http://pagemaps.com I finished this page while Jim and I watched the NCAA finals. UNC won, so I ended up doing pretty well in my brackets. Jim put my brackets on ESPN.com, and of all the millions of people who did their brackets there, I ended up ranking 39,210. I was pretty proud of myself!

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