Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three Things for Thursday

Sometimes on Thursdays, I share a few random things here on my blog.  I might share about something we did, links to recipes I have tried lately, a project I like, a thrift store find, or something funny I saw.  These posts vary, but I think they are fun.  Here we go!

1. A few days after Thanksgiving, Maddie dropped my phone from where she was sitting in the cart, to the concrete floor in Sam's Club.  I had it in a pretty strong case, and the glass survived the fall, but the LCD screen behind the glass broke.  It was going to cost quite a bit to replace it, and since we are due for upgrades at the end of January, we opted to reactivate an old phone we had for me to use for the two months until our upgrade.  
My old phone is a smart phone, but it is very basic compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 I had been using, and I have been missing my S4!  I loved the speed of the Internet, all the apps, and the great pictures I was able to take on the S4, and I am counting down the days until I get my new one - an S5!  I have realized how spoiled I was to have had such a nice phone, and I know I will appreciate my new phone in a greater way after having to go backwards in technology for the past couple of months.  I am also ready for Jim to stop teasing me about my "slider phone," and yes, the new phone will be off-limits to Maddie!

2.  I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny!  I have a couple of picky eaters at my house, so this made perfect sense to me.

3.  One of Maddie's favorite Christmas gifts this year was a vintage Fisher Price cash register my parents found at a thrift store.
We had seen one at that thrift store a few weeks earlier, and Maddie had been fascinated with it, but it was missing all its coins, so we passed on it.  I started looking for one on Ebay, but they seemed pretty expensive.  My parents were here for Thanksgiving, and we went thrifting on Black Friday.  While they were in the toy section, they spotted this cash register with 5 coins, and it had a half price color tag.  Sold!
Maddie doesn't quite understand buying and selling, so she doesn't play store quite yet, but she loves the buttons, crank, sliding drawer, and bell.  I'm sure this old toy will bring lots of fun in the future!

I will be back tomorrow with a Project Life post, so check back again on Friday!

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