Friday, January 16, 2015

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 36 and 37

I have two more weeks of Project Life to share today.  So much of last year's Project Life is finished, but I am behind in sharing it here.

Week 36:
This week started with Labor Day weekend, and the guys didn't have school on Monday.  We stopped at Sonic for ice cream.
Our school started the school year with about 40 new students, many of which enrolled in the last couple of weeks before school started.  It was the first time Jim and his secretary had ever started a school year in their current roles at the school, and with all of the new students, they got a little behind.  I spent several days during those first few weeks helping out in the office.  Maddie came with me one day.
She amused herself in all kinds of ways.
My friend, Kristen, texted me one afternoon of this week to tell me that she had an extra ticket to a Piano Guys concert in Detroit that evening, and she asked if I would go with her and her son.  Jim made it home to stay with the kids in time for me to go, and I had such a good time!  The Piano Guys are known for their YouTube videos, and they played many of their videos on the large screens behind them as they performed live.
The concert was at the Fox Theater in Detroit.  I had never been to an event there.
It was beautiful inside!

We stayed for the soccer and volleyball games after school on Friday.  Maddie was clapping for the girls.
We had a full, busy day on Saturday.  Our church picnic was held at the school this year.  There was lots of food and lots of fun things to do - a bounce house, volleyball, kickball,
the playground,
and corn hole.
After the picnic, we went to a fundraising spaghetti dinner for Jordan, one of my former first graders, now a Junior in high school at our school.  He was having a kidney transplant the following week, and his donor was his cousin.  Jordan's insurance covered all of the costs for his surgery, but his cousin's costs were not covered.  Jordan's family was trying to raise money to help pay the cousin's expenses.
A large group of school families and faculty came to the dinner to support Jordan and his family.  The transplant surgeries and recoveries went really well, and Jordan and his cousin are both back to school and work now and are doing great!
Here's what I did for Week 36.
Week 37:
Maddie and I were both sick with colds this week, so we stayed home on Sunday and rested.
Maddie is a very busy little girl, but she also loves to snuggle.  We hung out on the couch some this week as we tried to get over our colds.
Jim was gone at school camp for much of this week.  The secondary students spend a week at camp at the beginning of each school year, and Jim went with them this year.
They had a great week!
Drew, Maddie, and I had a pretty good week at home.  I am a recess mom one day a week, and Maddie and I went to help supervise a recess.  Drew and his friends were out at that recess, and Maddie had fun running around with them.

Drew's class (second grade) got together with the kindergarten class to read.  Drew's teacher sent me this picture of Drew reading to his little buddy, James.
It was raining one afternoon as we got ready to leave the house to get Drew from school.  Maddie and I had our hoods on, and I snapped a picture.
Our pastor's oldest son got married this weekend.  Jim's mom was planning to keep Drew and Maddie for us, but she wasn't feeling good, so we took them with us to the wedding.  Jim's tablet saved the day and kept them occupied during the wedding and afterwards as we waited to be be dismissed from our seats by the bride and groom.

We ate some cake in the gym before going to the dinner reception.

Jim's mom said she felt good enough to keep the kids during the dinner, so we dropped them off and headed to the dinner.  We sat with the other church staff families and had a good time.  Jim photo bombed a picture of our music pastor and his wife (Drew's teacher).
Here's what I did for Week 37:
Here are Weeks 36 and 37 together:
I hope to be back with more posts next week.  Have a great weekend!

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