Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 40 and 41

Week 40:
We started this week by running some errands for Jim.  We took a deposit to the bank, and Maddie had to entertain herself while I waited at the counter.
Drew's class works on puzzles after they finish their seat work, and his teacher sent me a picture of Drew and his buddies with a completed puzzle.
Drew had two days off from school at the end of the week while Jim and the other teachers were away for a conference.  Drew made himself some Ben 10 costumes out of paper.

Maddie got into the fridge and helped herself to some salami while I was in the shower.
Jim brought me a souvenir tote bag from the conference.  The bag is from my alma mater (and the college where my dad is a professor still).
We went to Target on Saturday, and we all shared a bag of popcorn.
We also went to the library and borrowed some books.
Here's what I did for Week 40.
Week 41:
One evening after school, we drove out to a local cider mill.  The guys checked their heights.
I got the kids (and Jim) to pose for me.

One of the best parts about the cider mill is the donuts and cider, and they were delicious!  We sat at a picnic table by the mill to eat.
So yummy!
The kids climbed up onto an old wooden wagon.  We had such a fun afternoon at the cider mill!
Drew's class had Pumpkin Day one day, and they did lots of pumpkin crafts and ate some pumpkin snacks.
Pumpkin head.
We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning at a little diner we like.  The boys had a stacking contest while we waited for our food.
Drew loved his french toast,
and Maddie gave her breakfast a thumbs up!
I had a delicious Greek omelet - so good!
Here is Week 41,
and here are Weeks 40 and 41 together.
I feel like I am getting caught up in sharing my 2014 Project Life - at this rate, I might be to Christmas by Easter!  :)

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