Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 20 and 21

Week 20:
This Sunday was Mother's Day!  Jim and Drew baked me some muffins for my Mother's Day breakfast.
Before church Sunday morning, Jim took a picture of the kids and me.  After church, we grabbed lunch at Pei Wei and took it over to Jim's mom's apartment to celebrate Mother's Day with her.
Drew made me this little painted pot and tissue paper flowers at school.  Jim and the kids also got me a new duvet cover and pillow shams for my bed.
Jim's uncle passed away over the weekend before Mother's Day.  He had retired to Nashville, TN area many years ago, and the funeral was going to be there.  Jim and his mom drove down to TN for the funeral and spent a couple of days there.  Jim's former boss manages a golf course in that area now, and Jim was able to play golf and have dinner with him one day while he was there.
 Jim's uncle loved old cars and was a member of a car club.  The other members of the club drove the funeral-goers from the service to the cemetery in their old cars.
 This was the car that Jim and his mom rode in.
 Drew's class read Charlotte's Web this year in first grade, and they took a field trip to see the play performed.  I always did a big Charlotte's Web unit when I taught first grade, and I love that story.   I was excited to be able to go with the class to see the play. Drew enjoyed being with his friends on the bus and at the play.
 I snapped a quick picture at the very end.  We weren't supposed to take pictures during the play, but I wanted something to put in my Project Life this week!
 Drew's class after the play.
 We went to Sonic one night to get half-priced shakes (after 8:00 pm!).  The kids were already in their jammies.
 Maddie made a mess with her shake!  We enjoyed it so much, we put it on our summer list so we could make sure we do it again!
 I let Maddie ride the penny horse at the grocery store.  She loved it!
Here's what I did for Week 20.
Week 21:
Drew and the rest of the elementary school-aged children at church did a program on Sunday night.  The theme was religious persecution, and the kids did a great job.
 It was very thought-provoking and convicting to be reminded of the religious freedoms was have, and often take for granted or fail to take advantage of, here in the United States.
 Drew's class had a field trip to the zoo this week.  The weather was perfect!  The kids loved seeing the animals - both behind the fences and on the sidewalks with them.  The boys chased this little duck right off the path!
 The class had so much fun together!
 We rode a train to the back of the zoo and then made our way through the zoo and back to the front.
 Some of the animals were pretty active, which is always more fun!
 The polar bear was swimming while we were in the tunnel.  It has been several years since I've gotten to see the polar bears swimming (usually they lounge around outside when we are there), so it was exciting to see this one swim.
 I loved this special time with Drew!
 Maddie is a real character!  She is constantly doing funny things!
 We watched her friend, Paige, one morning, and Maddie had a very hard time sharing!  She threw a fit!
 We had great plans of going to the Eastern Market in Detroit on Saturday morning, but we got off to a late start, and then a few miles down the road, we realized that we had forgotten to bring a stroller or wagon for Maddie.  We changed plans and went to the much smaller Royal Oak Farmers Market, near Jim's old golf course.  We were able to get the tomato and pepper plants we were looking for, but we were a little sad to miss out on the Eastern Market experience.  We are hoping to still make it there later this summer.
 We stopped for lunch and frozen custard before dropping the kids at Jim's mom's apartment for the evening.  Jim and I had a wedding to attend that evening.
Here's what I did for Week 21.
I added an extra flap with some additional zoo pictures and journaling.  Here is how it looks with the flap opened.
Here are Weeks 20 and 21 together.

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