Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 18 and 19

Week 18:
Maddie likes to tell us that it is time to go, and she often says that she is going shopping.  This day, she got her little purse and headed for the back door.
 Maddie got to play with some kind of goopy play doh stuff at her speech group.  She liked it!
 I found this little collection from the fridge in our living room chair one morning when I got out of the shower.  Maddie had gotten into the fridge and brought it all out to the chair.  Thankfully, nothing spilled or made a mess!
 Maddie climbed onto the kitchen table to see Jim as he arrived home one afternoon.
 Maddie loves Mexican rice with a scoop of sour cream.  She made a mess of it at dinner one night.
 Drew tried a hard shell taco and loved it.  He is really starting to branch out with his eating!
 Drew and I had a little date on Saturday afternoon.  We ate quesadillas for lunch at Qdoba.
 After lunch, we went to school to see the high school students perform "Peter Pan and Wendy."
 The students talked Jim into wearing the top hat to start the program.
 The kids got to sit on the floor around the stage (my date left me!).
 My friend, Kristen, directed the play and did a great job!  She recruited a school dad to help her with some of the staging.  He rigged up a way to make Peter fly!
 The crocodile also came through several times.  He was on wheels, and everyone loved it when he came zipping by.
Here's what I did for Project Life for Week 18.
Week 19:
On Sunday, Maddie and Baby wore their matching dresses that my mom made them.
 This week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and Jim tried to do something special for his staff each day this week.  On Monday, he asked if I could pick up some gift cards for each teacher.  When we dropped them off at school, I picked up a Sonic drink for him, since he is my favorite educator.  :)
Drew gave his teacher a cute cup full of markers and a Starbucks gift card.  We also wrote some little notes on tags and tied them on the cup.
Drew had elementary soccer this week, and he loved it!  His team, the Green team, got to play four games, and they won them all.  Very exciting!
The elementary sold concessions during the games, and Drew wanted to get nachos after one of his games. 
 Jim drove the bus for the baseball team, and he kept their book for them during the games.  He loved being with the team and being part of a baseball team again after several years away from coaching.  Drew and I went to one of the games, and Drew sat on the bench with Jim and the team for a while.
 We have just recently gotten Firehouse Subs near our house, and Jim picked them up for our dinner one evening.  They were good!
 Jim had to drive the baseball team on Friday evening, so the kids and I had a fun little evening ourselves.  We went to the library after school, and the kids enjoyed playing and browsing through the books and movies there.
 Drew had to use the restroom while we were there.  Maddie loved the little sink.  It was the perfect size for her!
 As we were getting ready to leave the library, it started pouring rain!  We had to wait for about 10 minutes for the rain to stop.  We found a bench by a window and watched the rain.
 We had dinner that night at McDonald's, and then we stopped for ice cream at Coldstone.  I had a gift card I had been hoarding for a while, so we used some of it that night.
 Drew picked me a "sunflower" from the yard.
Here's what I did for Week 19,
 and here are Weeks 18 and 19 together.

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