Friday, June 6, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 16 and 17

Week 16:
I was in Maddie's class at church on Sunday morning.  It was a class of four girls that day, and they all sat down at the table together for a little snack.
 I stayed after morning church to serve a meal to the teenagers, and Jim took our kids home and fed them lunch.  I came home just in time to see Drew throw up all over the living room carpet - twice!  He lay around for the rest of the day.  I think it was just an upset stomach from sinus drainage, and he seemed to be fine on Monday (although I kept him home from school, just to be safe).
 I subbed at school on Tuesday, and we got a little snow that morning.  It was enough snow to officially push us over the record and make this winter the snowiest ever in Michigan!
 Maddie has been getting into the fridge.  It has been quite interesting to find different grocery items around the house, and it has been a bit messy (a few broken eggs and a broken jar).  We are working to end this new habit!
 Our school had a Spring Concert on Thursday evening.  Drew's class sang and played bells in the concert.
 Jim had to start off the program.  This is not his favorite part of his job!
 Our family went out for dinner Saturday night.
 After dinner, we got frozen yogurt from a new yogurt shop, Menchies.  Drew loved picking out his toppings!
 It was delicious!
 Drew and I dyed Easter eggs Saturday night.
 We tried to use some "manly" colors.
Here's what I did for Week 16.

Week 17:
Drew and Maddie were very excited about their Easter baskets on Sunday morning!
 Maddie got a little Elmo!
 She tried on a new hair bow and necklace from her basket.
 All dressed up for church!
 So sweet!
 A family Easter photo.
 We spent Easter afternoon at Jim's sister's house.  We had a delicious lunch.
 Drew loved his minion cupcake!
 The kids had an Easter egg hunt.

 The Easter bunny made an appearance for some fun pictures.  Jim's nephew, Greg, was the bunny, and his wife came up with the costume the night before.  It was hilarious!
I made an insert about Easter.

The week after Easter was Spring Break for Jim and Drew, so they were home all week.  Maddie still had her speech class on Monday.  We found a little house in the building before her class, and she loved going inside it.  She didn't want to leave to go to her class!
 I made Snickerdoodle Doughnuts twice that week!  They were so good!
 Maddie came to breakfast in a Santa hat and enjoyed her doughnuts.
 Drew ate several doughnuts!  His appetite is growing lately.  I have noticed that he started eating more around the time he turned 7.
 We had new windows put in through most of our house during Spring Break.  The day we had it done was a bit chilly, and our house was quite cold and drafty with all the old windows torn out.  The kids were with Jim's mom, but Jim and I were home, and we were all bundled up in blankets and sweaters.
 The new trim and windows are thicker than the old ones, and most of our old blinds no longer fit in our windows.  We were able to just barely fit the old kitchen blinds back in, but none of the bedroom blinds fit.  We bought new bamboo blinds for our bedroom, and we are going to wait a while to replace Drew and Maddie's blinds.  They both have black out curtains that we keep closed, so blinds aren't a big issue in their rooms for now.  I still need to paint all the new trim, but we are really happy with how nice our new windows are, and we are thankful that we were able to get them.
 Jim and Drew went to a work day at the school on Saturday.  Some of Drew's friends were there, and they had fun working together.
 We went to our favorite fruit market to get some produce and lunch one day.  Drew wanted to get some peppers!
 We had to stop by the school for something, so the kids played on the school playground for a while that afternoon.
 Maddie loved the swings,
 and she climbed the ladder to the slide again and again.  She had a little trouble here.  :)
 Drew is a bit scared of heights, and he and Jim have been working on his bravery on the playground.  By the end of our time there, he was jumping off higher and higher pieces of equipment.
Here's what I did for Week 17,
and here are Weeks 16 and 17, along with the Easter insert.

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