Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life - Week 27

We went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Jim's mom on Monday night.  We all enjoyed our dinner!
 We went to Sam's after dinner to get a few things for Jim's work and for ourselves.  Maddie can get a little crazy in the shopping cart sometimes!
 We dropped Jim's mom off at her apartment, and then we went to ToysRUs.  Drew had some money that was burning a hole in his pocket.  While we were there, Drew picked out his first grade backpack and lunch box.  I can't believe he is going to be in first grade this year!
 Our Fourth of July was pretty much a normal day for us.  Jim's golf course does the fireworks show for that city, so that is always a busy day for Jim.  I took a few pictures of the kids in their red, white, and blue,

and then we headed out to the golf course to see the fireworks.  We watched from the parking lot with Jim this year, and it was nice to be able to see them with him.  Maddie had never seen fireworks before, so we were curious to see what she would think about them.  She wasn't interested in the fireworks at all!
Maddie is our little climber.  We have been finding her on the kitchen table a lot lately!  I am ready for the climbing stage to end very quickly!
 We got out the slip 'n slide one evening.  It came with a pair of goggles, and Drew wanted to try them out right away.
 Maddie loved the little sprinklers along the slip 'n slide.
 Drew didn't really get the hang of diving onto the slip 'n slide, but he tried a little, and he liked the sprinklers too!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
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