Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life - Week 26

Maddie started getting sick over the weekend, and by Sunday morning, she had a fever.  She woke up with the fever and had it all day Sunday, through Sunday night, and into Monday morning.  It broke Monday morning and then came back that afternoon.  It was finally gone by Tuesday, but she still had a runny nose and just generally didn't feel good for the majority of the week.  We spent several days at home in our pajamas.
 Late in the week, we were finally able to go outside and have a little fun.  We set up the water table one night after dinner.  The guys had a squirt gun fight with their new squirt guns (I bought them on clearance last fall and gave them each one for Christmas!).
 I love to watch them do squirt gun fights!
Drew and Maddie played at the water table for a while.
 Maddie really liked it!
 That weekend, Jim went away with some friends for his annual golf weekend.  His team won the tournament this year!  He played really well and had a good time.  The only bummer was that he was away for our 10th wedding anniversary.  We got to go out for dinner the night before he left, so we did get to celebrate.
 We had pancakes and applesauce for dinner the night he was gone.
 Drew was using his spoon as a Mario mustache.
 We were able to pick our first vegetables from our raised garden bed.  We got a little tomato and a banana pepper.
 I had them sitting on the kitchen table, and I heard Maddie say, "Uh oh," her new word.  I came out to find that she had smashed the tomato all over her hands, foot, and the chair.  So much for that tomato!  We have several others that are almost ready to pick, so we hope to get to try them!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week.
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