Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project Life - Week 24

Drew took golf lessons this week at Jim's golf course.  There were only three students in the golf camp this week, and Drew really enjoyed himself.
 He loves to golf!
 Maddie entertained herself inside while Drew was golfing.  One day, she spent a long time eating a banana.
 Another day, she enjoyed playing with all the Coke bottles back in the storage area.
 One of the mornings, she and I drove over to the hospital to meet Baby Max, my friend, Beth's new baby.
 Maddie liked exploring the hospital room and seeing the baby.
 We picked up lunch at McDonald's one day and took it to the park.
 After we ate, we played on the playground for a while.  Maddie loves to swing, and Drew was a good pusher.
 Drew did not enjoy the rocks in his shoes, and he kept stopping to empty them out.  Maddie knows to roll over on her belly to slide down from high things, like beds and couches.  She kept trying to slide out of the rocks on her belly.  I love her fat little legs in those jeggings.
 She was worn out by the time we got home, and she fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the chaos she had created earlier.
 Jim and the kids were wrestling around on Drew's bed one night before bedtime.
 Drew insisted that we get Jim a Duck Dynasty book for Father's Day, so we took a trip to Barnes and Noble to get it.  Drew was excited to give it to him, and he gave Jim some very detailed "hints" about his gift.
 Surprise!  :)
 We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday, since Jim had to work on Father's Day.  I made him one of his favorite dinners.  These chicken planks are SO good!  I don't fry often, but I make an exception a few times a year for these.
 I made some S'mores Bars for dessert, and everyone loved them.  I had given Drew a couple of dessert choices, and he picked this one.  He was sure that Jim would love it, and he did!
 Here's what I did for Project Life this week.  I made a couple of photo collages - one about golf camp and one about our time at the park.
 I also did a little insert about Father's Day.
 I just cut a 4x6 pocket from a Design A page for the insert, and I used part of a Wellington journaling card for some simple journaling.  I put gift pictures on the front of the insert
 and food pictures on the back.
I am linking up again this week at The Mom Creative.

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