Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life - Week 3

We had a good week last week! We started the week at church on Sunday.  When I dropped Maddie off for evening church that night, her nursery was short a worker, so I offered to stay and help.  I enjoyed being in her class and seeing her play.
 Maddie and I did a sippy cup study this week.  We received four sippy cups in the mail, and Maddie tried each of the cups for a couple of days.  After she had tried them all, I had to fill out a survey about the cups.
 We ended up with four new cups and $20.00 for participating in the survey!
 Drew and Jim love to wrestle on the bed!
 Drew got a Nerf gun for Christmas, but he waited to use it until Jim could get one too.  Jim and I saw one on after-Christmas clearance at Aldi for $10.00, so we grabbed it so the guys could fight.  They had a great time!
 I gave the boys haircuts on Thursday night.
 Drew got a really good report card this week.  We are so proud of him for working hard and doing a great job at Kindergarten!
 I am gathering clothes to sell at an up-coming Mom-to-Mom sale at church, and I have a few bins of clothes in the hallway.  Maddie got into the bins twice this week!  I finally found the lids for the bins, and we are hoping to keep her out of the bins now!
 It was Jim's birthday on Saturday!  The weather was fairly warm (for January in Michigan!) that day, and he had to work.  The children and I took lunch out to his work, and we ate and hung out with him there for a little while.
 After he got off work, we went to the Trader Joe's near his work.  Jim had gotten a gift card from one of his regular customers for Christmas, so we spent part of it that afternoon.  Drew liked pushing his little cart through the store and searching for the tiger.  He found it in the produce section!
 That evening, I made one of Jim's favorite dinners - chicken with couscous and a spicy orange juice sauce, and we had his birthday cake.
 Jim found the recipe for this cake on a blog.  It was Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mint Cake - a chocolate cake with chocolate mint mousse between the layers and a white chocolate frosting.  We loved the mousse, but thought that the white chocolate frosting was just ok.
 As we started eating our cake, Maddie reached out and grabbed a big handful of Drew's piece of cake.  We were so surprised that she had tried to steal the cake (although we probably shouldn't have been - she is a great eater!).
 Here is my Project Life layout for this week.  This is how last week's page will look beside this week's page (once I finally get around to getting an album).  I kept the color scheme the same since they will be together in the album.
 I made a little insert for Jim's birthday pictures.
 This is Week 3's page all by itself.  I made a photo collage about the sippy cup study.
 This is the front of the birthday insert,
 and this is the back.  I made the insert by cutting off part of a Photo Pocket Pages - Design A page.
I ordered the Photo Pocket Pages - Design F  and a Photo Pocket Pages - Small Variety Pack 1, and I am looking forward to using them in the next few weeks!


Julie Bonner said...

What adorable picks Megan!! I tried Project Life last year but was not successful - I only made it through the first week :) I think you are doing AWESOME with it!!! I am thinking about doing the Project 12 challenge over at Gossamer Blue. I think I might be able to handle it only a monthly basis - we shall see :)

Cerise said...

Wonderful layouts. That cake looks amazing!!