Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life - Week 2

We had a busy week last week!  Everybody was settling back into the work and school routine, and we also spent lots of time trying out some new Christmas toys!  Jim and Drew spent a couple of evenings assembling Drew's new Angry Birds K'Nex set.  They enjoyed building it, and Drew has been having fun playing with it.
 Here is Drew with the finished set!
 Maddie likes her new stacking bathtub cups.
 We ran to Target one evening, and Maddie kept trying to stand in the cart.  We were teasing that she looked like Rose standing in the front of the ship on the "Titanic" movie, and Jim hummed the "Titanic" theme song throughout the store.
 Maddie started doing this little squinty smile while we were at my parents' house at Christmas.  It makes us laugh!
 Drew was playing in his bedroom with his cars one afternoon, and Maddie tried to join him.  He was not very excited to have her grabbing at his cars.
 Drew had Farm Day last Friday at Kindergarten, and he loved dressing as a farmer.  He also got to stay for a full day of school that day, and he loved getting to eat lunch, have recess and rest time, and do some extra work at school that day.
 Jim put Maddie's new shopping cart together, and she did great at walking along through the house with it.  I put one of her Georges in the cart for her to push.  She loves George, just like Drew does, and she already has three of them!
 Maddie tried her first little Timbit on Saturday.  She loved it!
 This is my Project Life layout for Week 2.  I used some patterned paper with toys on it since we played with new Christmas toys so much this week.  I just did one photo collage this week - Maddie with her Timbit.
I am really enjoying this project!


becka said...

I am enjoying it too because I get to see lots of pictures!

Rob said...

Love the pics, Meg! Maddie will have to join Drew and me as we stroll down for a Timbit this summer. :-)

Cerise said...

Looks like a fun week. The picture of Maddie with her shopping cart is darling.