Friday, January 25, 2013

Imagination Library

Today I have a quick post about something that our family is really enjoying - the Imagination Library.  I signed Maddie up for this program when she was a few weeks old, and a month or so later we started receiving a new book in the mail each month from the Imagination Library.  These are the books we've gotten so far.  They have all been hardback or board books so far, and they have all been nice little books to add to Maddie's collection.
 Children from birth to age five are eligible for this free program, and when the books come, they are yours to keep!  Maddie will have quite a few books from this program by the time she turns five!
If you have a child that fits the age requirements, and if you want to build your child's library, you should check out the Imagination Library!

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becka said...

Does she like to have you read to her yet?