Saturday, September 1, 2012

Golf Camp

Drew took two weeks of golf lessons this summer, and he really enjoyed them.  The first week of lessons was in July, and Maddie and I were sick with colds that week.  We weren't able to be there for any of his lessons that week, and I was disappointed to not be able to see him play or take any pictures.  His second week of lessons was in mid-August, and I was happy to be able to be there to watch him.  He did great!
 His teacher was "Coach Carly," who has worked for Jim for several years.  Drew already knew her, and he loved having her as his teacher.
 There were about eight kids in Drew's class.
 My little golfer reluctantly posing.
On each day of the golf camp, the kids worked on a specific skill - putting, chipping, and driving.  These pictures are from the last day of the golf camp, and on this day, the kids played a little golf match so they could use the skills they had worked on earlier in the week.
 Drew did pretty well!
 The large headed clubs and tennis balls they used for their golf match.
One of the moms brought a book about golf etiquette, and she read it to the kids after the last lesson.
 Maddie was a good girl during the lessons, and I took a few pictures of her in her stroller.  I loved the way she had her foot propped up!
She was a very happy girl!

Drew had trouble carrying his bag back to the clubhouse without dropping his clubs.  

He ended up losing almost all of his clubs by the time he reached the building.  I followed the golf club trail behind him and picked them up as I went.  Drew's reward for doing a good job at golf camp was getting to go out and golf on the real course with Jim that Saturday night.  He loved golfing on the big course and putting on the greens.  I hope that this will be something fun for Jim and Drew to do together for years and years in the future! (And yes, Maddie already has her own pink golf bag waiting for her out in our garage!)

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