Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer Toledo Trip

We took a little trip to Toledo last week to see a Toledo Mudhens Game.  This trip has become a family tradition each summer, and this year, we managed to squeeze it in right before Labor Day.  We had originally hoped to also go to the Toledo Zoo, like we usually do, but with a baby and since Jim and Drew had work and school that morning, we decided that the game would be enough this year.
After our traditional Tony Packo's dinner right beside the baseball stadium, we walked over to the ballpark for the game.  Drew was very interested this year.  He has been playing a lot of Wii baseball, and he understands a lot more about balls, strikes, fouls, outs, and runs now than he ever has in the past.
 We had nice seats behind home plate, but in the shade.
 Maddie was fascinated by some women sitting behind us.  She spent the first few innings watching them,
 and Drew spent the first few innings watching the game.
 Drew was quite upset that he did not receive one of the balls that was tossed out into the stands.
 Drew and Maddie entertained each other for a while.

Drew started getting restless, so he and Jim decided to go in search of a snack.  They were gone for quite a while because they ended up walking around the entire ballpark.  When they were out by the outfield on their walk, Jim told Drew that they should call me to see if I could see them.  As Jim pulled out his phone to call me, Drew started yelling as loudly as he could, "Mommy, can you see us?"  I didn't see them (or hear their calls), unfortunately.
They came back with ice cream sundaes in little baseball helmets.
Drew enjoyed his very much!
 The entertainment between inning was a little group called, "The Ghost Riders."  It consisted of monkeys who ride on the backs of sheepdogs, chasing sheep.  They were very cute.  You can see them best on the screen in these pictures.
 The little monkeys were dressed like cowboys.
 Drew loved them!
 By about the sixth inning, both Maddie and Drew were ready to go.
If you live in the Toledo/Detroit area, I would highly recommend a Toledo trip.  We LOVE the Toledo Zoo (we wish we could have gone there this time!), and we really like going to the Mudhen games as well.  The Toledo stadium is smaller and easier to navigate with small children than Comerica Park, and parking is very close.  You get the same baseball game feel in a smaller setting.  This Toledo trip is a tradition we plan to continue for many years to come!

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