Friday, September 28, 2012

Drew's Fire Station Field Trip

Drew's kindergarten class took their first field trip this week.  They have been studying about fire safety, so they took a field trip to the fire station.  Maddie and I were able to tag along for this little field trip.
We started out in the dispatch room.
 Next, we sat in the firemen's living room to have a short fire safety lesson
 and to watch a fire safety video.
 Then a fireman showed us all his safety gear.
 When we went out to see the fire trucks, one of the firemen offered to hold Maddie for me so I could take some pictures.  She didn't seem to be scared of him at all.
 We learned about the trucks
 and the air tanks.
 Maddie was still being happy with her new friends.
 The kindergarten class lined up to see the trucks.
 Waiting patiently.
 Drew was very excited to climb into the truck.

 We got to peek into another truck.  Maddie was still being entertained by the fireman.
 The class got to get a group photo on the front of the truck.

It was a fun little trip, and we all enjoyed our morning at the fire station!

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