Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water Gun Fight

One night last week, Jim and Drew decided that they were going to wash the cars and then have a water gun fight. Jim called his mom and invited her over to have her car washed. He mentioned that he and Drew were going to have a squirt gun fight afterwards, and, to our surprise, she wanted to participate in the water fight. I gathered my cameras for what was sure to be a good photo op!
I think Jim enjoyed chasing his mom a little too much! Drew lost a shoe.

Ganging up on Grandma.

Waiting for her to come around the corner.

I think the Jim might have enjoyed this fight more than anyone else!

Pure joy!

Grandma said she was done, but Drew didn't get that message!

I managed to stay relatively dry, and I enjoyed observing the fight without having to be a part of it!

We've had some computer problems (a virus) in the past few days, and we ended up having to dump the hard drive and install Windows 7 again. I have managed to salvage my pictures and videos either on our external hard drive or by my habit of not deleting things off my cameras in a timely manner, ahem. I was able to find the videos I took of the water fight, and I will upload them as separate blog posts - they are real treats! :)

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