Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

It has been hot here this week! We've been staying inside as much as possible, but this morning, I decided to take Drew out to play in the sprinkler before it got too hot.
He loved it! He started by just kicking his feet through the sprinkler. As he got braver, he stood to the sides and let the water fall on him.

He said it was raining on him!

He ran over to me and asked me to "picture" him, so I did.

He stood in all different places in the yard and just let the water fall on him.

Then, he decided to bring out his big dump truck.

He put it right on top of the sprinkler and let the water shoot through the windows.

Toward the end of our time outside, I finally talked him into running through the sprinkler. I had to give him a demonstration, but he finally got the idea.

We might have been the only people in our neighborhood who were out playing in the water at 9:30 this morning, but we had fun, and the water felt good!

Drew and I were pretty wet by the end and were ready to go in and get cleaned up for the day.

I discovered the Picnik photo editing program this week, and I ran the "Boost" action on all these pictures (at around 30%). I love the brightness it added!

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