Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day is one of the busiest days at the golf course, so Jim usually has to work that day, and this year was no exception. We decided to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday since Jim had that day off.
Earlier in the week, Drew and I bought Jim some gummy bears as part of his gift. I had them hidden away for the weekend, but when Jim came home from work that evening, Drew told him, "Daddy, we are going to surprise you and give you some gummy bears!" Keeping secrets is not one of Drew's strengths!
We got Jim a few little things, and his main gift is getting to play in a two-day golf tournament later this month. One other special thing we did for Jim was to take him out for dinner at Slow's on Saturday evening. We love barbecue, and after seeing Slow's featured on the Food Network several months ago, Jim had been wanting to try it. We were geared up for a long wait (we had seen on-line that long waits are the norm), but we only had about a five minute wait to get a table. Jim and Drew played with cars while we waited for our food. Drew is very excited about the new Cars movie that comes out later this week!

Jim and I each ordered a sandwich, and then we ordered a few sides to share. Jim got a sandwich called the "Triple Threat." It had pulled pork, bacon, and grilled ham. Jim really liked the Apple barbecue sauce.

I got a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and pickle slices on it, called "The Reason." I liked the Sweet barbecue sauce.

This was the Macaroni and Cheese that we got as one of our side dishes. It was really good!

Drew liked the waffle fries - they were very good too!

There was a line of people outside when we left, so we were glad we got there when we did.

We parked out behind the restaurant. There really wasn't much parking compared to number of customers.

We enjoyed our dinner at Slow's and were glad that we were finally able to try it!

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becka said...

Everything looks really good! Hope you're feeling better.