Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring - Shoulder Season - Rainy Season

In the golf business, Spring and Fall are called, "Shoulder Seasons." We are nearing the end of the spring shoulder season now (finally!), and it has been a busy one for Jim. During the spring shoulder season, golf courses don't have their full staff yet, and the management team must put in a lot of hours - both running day-to-day operations and preparing for the summer.
This Spring/shoulder season has been a very rainy season here in Michigan! A couple weekends ago, our street was covered with water. I walked down to take a few pictures. A crew from the city was out working to drain the water.

Drew and I have been keeping busy during Jim's long days at work. We've been playing with cars and trains, and running errands. I've been doing some coupon shopping again recently after having slowed down on it for a while (in an effort to use up a bit of our stockpile). This was my haul this week. I shopped at CVS, Aldi, and Meijer. I spent about $60, got $5 back in reward coupons, and saved about 50%, so I was pretty excited.

Jim has been working long days, and it seems that the nights that he can get away a little early seem to always be rainy or full of church or family activities. He has had trouble keeping up with the lawn this Spring, and last night, he ended up having to stay at work until almost 9, so I decided to surprise him by hiring one of my former 1st graders (who is now finishing 11th grade - how did he get so old?!) to cut our grass. Alex and his dad came and cut our grass. They did a great job, and Drew had fun following Alex around the yard with his little mower. Drew followed him the entire time! Drew's allergies are giving him some trouble today as a result of all the time in the grass, but he had fun, and Jim was thrilled to have this task taken care of for the week!

It ended up being a good thing that the grass got cut yesterday, because it has rained all day today, and it looks like the next few days will be rainy as well! This was the view out my back window this evening.

We are looking forward to getting through the end of this busy, wet season, and on to all the fun of the summer!

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