Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's New With Drew

I've been posting about a lot of projects recently, so I thought I would do a little post about what Drew has been up to lately. We have found him lying on the floor on his belly behind Jim's recliner watching movies on his little portable DVD player several times recently. He is getting to be very independent. He loves to choose what he wants to watch and put in movies all by himself. He still loves his cars, and he especially enjoys lining them all up to drive in traffic and in races.
He has been displaying a bit of a temper lately, and he exhibits it with a very "cross" (to use a Thomas word) facial expression and his hands on his hips.
He loves to help us with anything we are doing. The other day, I was making a meal for some friends who recently had a baby, and Drew wanted to wash some dishes. I let him stand on my little step ladder and play in the dish water. He played there for about 20 minutes!
He is on a big Thomas kick again. He had been very interested in Toy Story before our trip to South Carolina, but since he has been home, everything has been all about Thomas. We've built a few sets on track on the train table, and we've watched a lot of Thomas movies. Drew has also been struggling a lot with his allergies. He was sick during most of our time in South Carolina, and now, the pollen is starting here in Michigan, and he has been coughing quite a bit again. We have been trying to keep him indoors as much as possible. He goes to see his pediatrician on Monday for an ear check and for his 4 year-old well-visit.

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