Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nora and Topher's Wedding

Hardly any of these photos are my own (and the same applies to the previous post). Being in the wedding made it difficult to take pictures myself, and since Jim was videotaping, he wasn't able to take any. The happy couple outside the church. Nora looked so pretty that day! The back of her dress and her veil.
My dad giving Nora away.
The bridesmaids.
The vows.
The kiss.
Nora and Topher with my parents.
The parents of the bride and groom.
The wedding cake. My mom made the cake, and Nora painted the little cake toppers.
Cutting the cake. Nora's flowers were so pretty! She has a childhood friend who works at the Biltmore House, and she did all the flowers. They were gorgeous!
Drew wandered through the reception eating cookies. He was a bell ringer in the wedding. He came down the aisle ringing a little bell, and then he sat with Jim for the ceremony. He looked so cute in his little suit!
Signing the marriage license.
The groom's cake.
The door monograms.
Instead of a guest book, Nora did a thumbprint tree. Guests inked their thumbs, and put their prints on the tree. Nora, our family still owes you our prints - we were too busy to do them!
The reception tent before all the food arrived. Nora and Topher had a dessert reception with two cakes, lots of cookies, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, fruit, punch, and coffee.
The wish tree. Guests could write wishes for the couple on little tags and hang them on the branches.
Going away. Guests threw chocolate coins at Nora and Topher as they went down the steps.
They went away in this rickshaw. So fun! Nora and Topher's house is near the church, so the rickshaw drove them home!
Nora and Topher had a beautiful day, and we were so happy to be able to be there and be part of it!

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