Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scrapbooking About My Childhood

I've been scrapping a little about my childhood, and I have a few new layouts to share today.
This first layout documents a college memory. My dad is a French professor at Bob Jones University, and he has taught with the same two French colleagues - Dr. Byers and Mrs. Eaves - for years and years. One semester, each of the French teachers had a daughter taking the same French class - French Conversation. I found these pictures from that class, and I decided to scrap them. These pictures are from an Easter when Nora and I had matching eyelet dresses that my mom made for us.
This is a picture of my mom and me at a family reunion.
This is a page about the piano we had when I was growing up. My parents still have it. I wanted a piano, and my parents told me that we could pray for one. Someone found out that we were praying for one and offered us their old one. My parents just had to pay to move it. My brother, sister, and I all took lessons while we were growing up, and we all practiced on that piano.
My parents led the Bob Jones French Summer Mission Team every other summer for many years when I was growing up. I got to go on that team five different summers, and I have so many great memories of our summers there. This is a photo that was taken of my family at the top of the Arch of Triumph.
This last page is about some childhood visits from Santa. A man from our church would come to our house dressed as Santa at Christmas time.
All of these pages were done using sketches from Let's Scrap. I have been using their sketches and participating in challenges there for about a year. I love using sketches to get my pages started. I found out this week that I am going to be on the Let's Scrap design team from August through October! I am excited to be part of the design team there!


rob said...

Great memories, Meg! Thanks for scrapping them. Love you! Dad

Nancy said...

Nice job on your blog. Give my mom, Vera Crane, a Greenville hug from me when you see her at church :-) What a small world!

norajoy said...

you definitely found some treasures in those old photo piles meg... hmmm. :) weren't we just too adorable? anyways... looking forward to tuesday's post

Carrie said...

Megan, how sweet! The one in Paris must have been soon after I went with you. :o)