Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Guns

Drew received a Toys-'R-Us gift card from his Uncle Mark and Aunt Katie for his birthday, and he didn't spent it all when we shopped the first time. I had an appointment earlier this week, so while I was gone, Jim and Drew went to use up the gift card. One of the things they bought was a two-pack of water guns. They tried them out for the first time in our backyard the other evening after dinner. They had so much fun!
Drew loved shooting Jim in the back while Jim refilled the water guns.

He chased Jim around the yard, laughing and laughing.
Then Jim would chase Drew!
Drew didn't quite understand how to pump the gun to move the water, but he still had a great time.

While we were out in the yard, we checked and watered the tomato plant my dad planted for me while he was here last month. It is a homemade version of a Topsy-Turvy, using a bucket hung from our clothesline post.
It is really growing, and we have spotted our first tiny little tomatoes! We can't wait to eat them later this summer!
We had a wonderful time in our yard!

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