Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toledo Day

Last fall, Jim, Drew, and I spent a day in Toledo at the Toledo Zoo and a Toledo Mud Hens game. While my parents were here last month, we decided to do the same day of activities in Toledo with them. We started our day at the zoo. We love this zoo! It is set up so nicely - with lots of animals that are close enough to be seen easily.
A sloth bear Looking through the fence at an elephant.
Goats at the petting farm - Drew kept trying to feed them little pieces of hay.
Beautiful fish at the aquarium.
An octopus.
A chimpanzee - they were being fed while we were there. The workers had scattered the food all over, and the chimps had to gather it themselves.
This gorilla was a little "cross" (to use a word the Drew has learned from Thomas the Train). He slammed his fist into the glass right as we got there. It gave us all a little scare!
The mother and baby polar bears.
We loved seeing the little baby polar bear!
We ate dinner at Tony Packo's - right across the street from the stadium.
Drew loved meeting the mascot - Mudonna.
Waiting for the game to begin.
My mom was knitting during the game.
Our section won free ice cream!
Cheering for a home run.
We all had a great time watching the Mud Hens beat the Durham Bulls. We really enjoyed our day in Toledo!

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