Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My parents come spend a week with us each summer, and we have developed some traditions during these visits. One of those traditions is a visit to Cook's Farm Dairy. They have fabulous ice cream, and they also allow visitors to walk around the farm and see the animals. It was quite cool the day we went - as you can see by my mom's hood! Drew was a little nervous around the cows.
Who can really blame him, though. They do unpredictable things, like this, and they are so big!
My dad tried to get Drew to pet a cow, but he didn't want to.
Drew was very interested in the farm machinery.
He and my dad climbed up on the tractor for a photo.

They also have pigs on this farm. They spent most of our visit sleeping and then scratching themselves.
Another look at the cows.
Another piece of machinery caught Drew's eye. This one was for sale!

Another fun tradition is the daily walks my dad and Drew take. They always walk somewhere fun - the park, the pet store, and most often to Tim Horton's for doughnuts! The best is when they bring back a little box for my mom and me.
We always enjoy having my parents visit, and we wish we weren't quite so far away so we could do it more often.

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