Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potty Training

We have started a little bit of low-key potty training. Drew has been telling us about his dirty diapers for a while now, but it has always been after the fact, until recently. A few times this past week, he has asked to use the potty, and he's done it successfully! We've been praising him for going to the bathroom in the potty, and we are also giving him his favorite treat as a reward - M&M's. I used this little gumball machine of M&M's as a reward in my classroom this past semester, and when school got out, I brought it home. After Drew goes potty, he gets a penny for the M&M machine.
We were hoping to potty train this summer, and it seems that Drew is interested and ready. We're hoping that it will be an easy process. We'll see. . . If you have any tips or good resources for us to refer to, please feel free to share!

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481705rpb said...

I used pullups with Caden, and this was a big hit for him. He loved the praise given for keeping his "stars" on his "panties". He could check his pullup whenever asked and knew that he hadn't wet them.