Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Trip to Cleveland - Part 1

Jim and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this weekend with a trip to Cleveland, OH. We decided to take Drew with us and do some things as a family. We stayed in a fun hotel - Embassy Suites in Independence, OH. These are the elevators. We could look through the windows as we rode up to our floor. This is the view from the balcony outside our room. We had a really good breakfast down in the atrium on Sunday morning. There was a chef making made-to-order omelets that were so good!
We went to some outlets to shop later in the morning. The outlets had a little train that drove around, and Drew was fascinated. It was all he talked about the whole time we shopped. We told him that when we finished shopping we would ride it.
The conductor told us we could put Drew on the front of the train to take pictures, so we did, and he got very scared.
He did not want to stand on the train by himself.
He was very serious for most of the train ride.

He finally started to enjoy himself toward the end of the ride.

After our outlet shopping, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch. We loved our food and our cheesecake! Drew had a large amount of fries. Jim and I split a salad and a pasta dish and had cheesecake, of course! After the Cheesecake Factory, we drove about an hour away to Port Clinton, Ohio to go to a drive-through safari.


norajoy said...

poor drew. such a traumatizing day in his little life. :)
and that is like the hotel that i stayed in when we went to charleston.
i am glad that you had a good anniversary and that you got some birthday cheesecake for me. :)

becka said...

I just laughed again when I saw the expression on Jim's face in that first picture!