Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Trip to Cleveland - Part 2

We went to the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, OH. It is a drive-through safari. The fee includes a ticket to drive through as many times as you would like and a cup of food pellets. The first animals we encountered were the buffalo, and they gave us quite an introduction to the safari. Jim rolled down his window, and this huge buffalo stuck his head right into our car! As Jim tried to feed him some food pellets from the cup, another buffalo pushed in, and the first buffalo grabbed the cup from Jim's hand and took it. As the buffalo took it, food pellets spilled all over Jim's lap and the floor boards of our car.
Jim was a little overwhelmed by the buffalo, and Drew was very scared. He actually screamed!
We saw all kinds of animals.
There were many, many deer. This one came right up to our car.
Llama - they would just come right up and stand in the road in front of our car.
We were some of the only people there, and since we had to drive so slowly, we put Drew up in front with us. He hugged George the entire time.
On our second time driving through, the buffalo were there to greet us again - this time, they were blocking the road.

Those buffalo loved us!
Drew tried to ignore them.
We bought a bag of carrots for the second ride through. Drew was not excited to have the windows go down to feed the animals again.
If we slowed down at all, the animals thought they were going to get food, and they would just swarm our car.
A huge herd of deer.
The zebras were in the same pen with the giraffe.
At the end of the safari, there was a vacuum, so we were able to clean up all the spilled food pellets. The safari also has a walking zoo, animal rides, and pig races. We thought that Drew had probably had enough, so we just went on home. This was a really neat experience, and we will probably go again some time.

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norajoy said...

megan, i loved these pictures. i really wish that you had been able to get it on video.