Friday, August 17, 2012

Maddie's Room

I promised to post some pictures of Maddie's room this week.  Here's a little tour of her room:
This is the view as you enter the room.  The rocking chair is right inside the door.
 This chair is a hand-me-down from my parents.  It moved to Michigan with me, and it was the reading chair in my classroom until Drew was born.  Then it came home with me, and we used it in Drew's room for five years.  Now we've moved it to Maddie's room, where it will probably stay until it becomes a classroom reading chair again some day.
My mom made the quilt on the back of the chair, and my friend Kristen made the quilt on the arm of the chair.  I found the little lined basket garbage can at the thrift store.
 While I was pregnant with Maddie, I kept seeing lots of decorating ideas using groupings of embroidery hoops with fabric.  I loved that idea, and I decided to do a group of hoops in Maddie's room.  I made the little house hoop with felt, and I bought all the fabric except the green fabric in the little hoop on the top left.  It is some leftover fabric from one of my childhood dresses.  I bought most of the hoops from thrift stores.  I have several extra hoops, so if I ever find some great fabric, I might add another hoop or two.  I love the oval hoop!
 Maddie's bedding is called, "Molly," and it is an older Pottery Barn set.  I found this set brand new on Ebay.  It was the first thing we bought for Maddie's room, and we based all our other choices on the colors and theme of the bedding.
The crib was Drew's crib.  It has drop sides, which are now considered unsafe, so we had to order the repair kit from the manufacturer.  Jim fixed the sides pretty easily, and the crib was ready for Maddie.
 I made Maddie's mobile, and I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I started out planning for the birds to sit on some embroidery hoops (like this one), but after several attempts to assemble it, Jim and I gave up, and I decided to go the branch route instead.  I truly love the branch, and I love that it spans the length of the crib.
 The framed piece at the head of the crib is a vintage embroidered verse of "All Things Bright and Beautiful."  I found it earlier this summer at a thrift store in South Carolina.  I love the little animals and the bright yellow frame.
 The drapes are Pottery Barn blackout drapes that I bought on Ebay.  I have dark denim drapes in Drew's room that make his room so dark.  He has always been a great napper, and I knew that blackout drapes would be worth the investment in Maddie's room.  I usually keep them pulled closed, and they really make her room nice and dark for daytime naps.
This little dresser is a hand-me-down from Jim's mom, and it was in pretty rough shape.  Jim did some repairs and then painted it and replaced the handles with these cute, colorful knobs from Hobby Lobby.
I added some trim to a plain white lampshade for Maddie's lamp.  The cupcake bank (from Target) was a gift from Jim's mom, and my parents bought Maddie the pink CD player (from Amazon).
 One of the things I really wanted for Maddie's room was a dollhouse bookcase.  I started checking around, and I found that most of them were around $100.  I decided to check Craigslist, where I found this one for $25, and the lady selling it lived around the corner from Jim's work.  The backing had a stain, so we removed it and replaced it with some beadboard.  Not only did the beadboard look better, but it was also sturdier than the old backing.  We painted the roof pink (it was originally green) for a better contrast against the walls.  The polka dot bins are from Babies-R-Us.
 My friend, Kristen, made Maddie this little basket with a vintage metal frame and some cute fabric.  I love it, and it is perfect for holding her stuffed animals.
 One of my favorite things in the room is the big tree that my sister, Nora, painted.  We added shelves to a few of the branches, and I love how it turned out!
 The changing table is on the fourth wall, between the closet and the door.  It is Drew's old changing table.
 Some of the baskets on the changing table and bookcase were gifts, and some were thrifted.
Jim and I made Maddie's bow holder using this tutorial.  I spray painted a frame from the thrift store, and then Jim helped me add some cup hooks along the bottom and staple the ribbon strips to the back.  It really works well.
I love Maddie's little room, and I love that it is a collaboration of effort from so many people who love her - the walls that my dad and sister painted, the hand-me-down furniture from our parents, the quilts that my mom and Kristen made, and all the other handmade and thrifted items really make her room special.

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A special room for a special little girl!