Friday, August 10, 2012

A Little Random Post

We've been staying busy here the last few weeks at our house, but I haven't felt like I have had a lot to blog about!  One of the things I've been doing lately is getting back to scrapbooking!  I had been missing it, so I decided to try to make a layout a few weeks ago.  I enjoyed it so much that I've made one a week since then!  All of these layouts are from sketches from Let's Scrap.
This first layout is from our strawberry picking trip earlier this summer.  
 This layout is about Maddie's being measured and weighed in the recovery room after she was born.  I used the paper measuring tape that they used to measure her (they let me take it home), and I cut it to her length.
 This last layout is about our visit to Jim's uncle's house last Thanksgiving.  Uncle Paul has a Hudson Hornet, and Drew loved seeing it!
 I've also been busy making baby food for Maddie.  I always bought the little containers of baby food for Drew, and I guess that while I hated paying so much for it, I just never realized that I could actually make baby food myself.  I've been using my Ninja blender that I got for Mother's Day, and it has been working very well.  It is so much easier than I though it would be, and it is definitely cheaper than buying the jars of food.
 I'm freezing the baby food in these covered ice cube trays (Oxo brand, from Bed Bath and Beyond) that my parents got me last Christmas (in preparation for baby food making!), and they have been working well.
 I've made four kinds so far - Butternut Squash, Apple, Sweet Potato, and Green Beans.  Maddie has tried the sweet potatoes and the apples.  She wasn't very interested in the apples, so I mixed the sweet potatoes in some rice cereal, and she loved those!
 We think that Maddie is teething.  She hasn't had any teeth pop through yet, but she has been very fussy for the past couple of weeks, and she has been chewing on her hands a lot.  Here she is asleep in her exersaucer.  She was crying in it while I was in the shower the other morning, and when I came out, she had fallen asleep.
 We have gotten out some of Drew's old baby toys, and she seems very interested in them.  She is getting close to being able to sit up on her own, and I think that once she is able to do that, she will be able to play with the toys much better.
Drew is getting excited about starting kindergarten in a few weeks.  We have gotten all of his supplies, and now we are just waiting for the first day of school to come.  He starts the last week of August.  He has been watching the Olympics with us these past couple of weeks, and he recognizes many of the countries' flags from watching Cars 2.  He will talk about cheering for Max's team (Germany) or Shu's team (Japan).  He told me that he remembers which flags are which the "bestest" by thinking about the cars.
I am hoping to blog about Maddie's bedroom next week.  We have finally gotten the last big things hung on the walls, and I am just waiting for a sunny day so I can take some pictures.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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