Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring has finally come to us here in Michigan. We've been enjoying cool, but sunny days.
We went to a nearby park on St. Patrick's Day with our friends, the Scallys. Drew had a great time playing in the rocks with Joseph's bulldozer. It was such a hit that he now has one of his own just like it! Since potty training, Drew has been having trouble keeping his pants up without the extra bulk of a diaper.
Drew has always loved the swings.
Beth's father-in-law came to the park with us. He pushed all the boys on the swings.

We went to McDonald's for lunch after we finished playing at the park. I brought along some cupcakes, which are a St. Patrick's Day tradition from my childhood that I have chosen to carry on for Drew. They are my favorites! My mom posted the recipe here on her blog.
Happy Spring!

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