Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drew is Three!

Yesterday was Drew's third birthday. This year Drew's birthday fell on his favorite day of the week - Tuesday, which is Library Day. Each week, the story time at the library has a theme. This week's theme was birthdays! All the stories were about birthdays, which was just perfect! After the stories, the children got to make birthday crowns.
Drew's friend, Joseph, goes to story time too, and the boys love Thomas. They had fun quizzing each other about the different characters in the Thomas magazines.
We always go to McDonald's for lunch after story time, and Joseph had gotten Drew some presents. I think Joseph was just as excited about giving Drew his gifts as Drew was to open them!
Joseph gave Drew a big Thomas Carnival set, which we set up last night. Drew loves it! He also gave Drew another train and some Curious George socks. After lunch and presents, the boys had fun playing with their trains and climbing around in the play area.
I made Drew's favorite dinner last night - pizza, and Jim's mom came over to eat with us. Drew took one bite. He was just too excited. After dinner, we gave him our gifts, and the gifts that my parents had sent for him. My parents gave him a Thomas place setting, a Thomas game, some books, and some money for preschool curriculum. Drew is very interested in letters, and numbers, and I've decided to get the curriculum and work through it with him at home. We are not planning to home school, but we want to give him a good start in kindergarten in a few years, so we thought we would work on some things at home to prepare.
Jim and I got Drew a Memory game, a Curious George Uno game, a Thomas t-shirt, some Thomas pajamas, a soccer net, and a soccer ball.
Jim's mom gave Drew a Harold the Helicopter (Thomas), which was a big hit! She is giving him another present at his birthday party this weekend.
Jim's mom took us out for ice cream after dinner. We went to Culver's. Drew got a chocolate custard.
Harold got to come along. After we ate, Drew told me he had to go to the bathroom, so I took him, and he went. It was our first public toilet success!
When we got home, we put together the carnival set and the soccer net, and Drew played happily! I think it was a fun day for him, and he is looking forward to his party this weekend. We are having a party with Jim's side of the family on Saturday, and we will also be celebrating our nephew Brandon's birthday, which is today, and another friend's birthday as well.

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