Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Motorcycle" Ride

It was in the 50s today, so we took Drew out for a walk and tricycle ride before dinner. We told him to put his feet on the red pedals and move them up and down. For most of the ride, he just rested his feet on the pedals and let Jim push him along. He was very focused on his feet. I asked him where he was supposed to keep his feet, and he told me that they were supposed to be on the red "mud puddles."
We stopped to say hello to a little dog.
He liked using his little bell and playing with the streamers.
We had been talking about a tricycle ride for a while, and when we asked him what he has riding, Drew said it was his motorcycle.
Drew turns three tomorrow, and it is hard to believe that three years have gone by so quickly! He is so much fun these days, and he has been making us laugh so much lately with all the crazy things he comes up with. I was able to get a little video from our walk today. Unfortunately, it cut off before he could talk about the "mud puddles."

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