Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowball Fight

We got about five inches of snow last Thursday night. Jim was teaching for elementary chapel last Friday morning, and he decided to just take the day off from work. After he got home from school and plowed the driveway, we all went out to our backyard to play in the snow. Drew loves snowballs, and as soon as we got outside, Jim started up a snowball fight. Drew was a little hesitant to walk through the deeper snow at first.
Jim had to form his own snowballs and Drew's snowballs.
Drew's mittens were caked with snow!
Trying to make a snow angel.

Drew loved playing in the snow!
Jim got Drew right in the face with a snowball!

We had a great time out in the snow!
Drew can't wait to go out and play in the snow again!

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