Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowling With a Two Year-Old

We decided to go bumper bowling the last evening my family was here, and our friends the Johns, Weirich, and Scally families joined us. Drew had never been bowling before, and though we assumed he would like it, we were interested to see how it would go. Jim worked with Drew to show him what to do. We were able to use a six pound ball, but it was still pretty heavy for Drew. Drew's bowling method was to carry the ball over to the lane and just throw it toward the ground.
He would then excitedly watch it SLOWLY roll all the way down the lane to the pins.
After a finger pinch, Drew let Jim get the ball for him each time.
After a while, Drew started using a little ramp, which made things go a little more quickly.
Drew and Joseph with their bowling balls. These two loved bowling, and they ended up taking their turns and most of ours. Drew would cry when it was someone else's turn to bowl!
By the end, Drew was tired, but he really loved bowling!

It was a fun evening, and Drew can't wait to do it again!

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