Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baseball, Golf, Juggling, and Sisters

I've been scrapping some more during the past few weeks, and I have some pages to share today.
The first two layouts are based on sketches from This page is about the Toledo Mud Hens game we went to last month.
This page is about our little golfer. Drew absolutely loves to golf, and he tries to grab his clubs almost every time we go out to the garage!
These next two pages are based on sketches from This page is about Drew's watching Mark juggle and then trying it himself (not quite as successfully as his uncle).
This page is a girly page - I hardly ever get to do those! It is a picture of Nora and me when we were little girls. Nora printed it for me a while back, and I finally scrapped it.

You can see these pages in more detail by clicking them.

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norajoy said...

aren't we cute. :) i like them megan.