Monday, August 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy Pillow

After a month of blog neglect, I am finally back. We've had a busy month! My parents were here the first week of July, and then Drew and I travelled home to Greenville, SC with them (by way of St. Louis, MO and Paducka, KY) and then spent the next week there. When we got back, our laptop started having problems, and we've been without it for the past two weeks. We got it back from the computer repair shop over the weekend (while my sister Nora and her boyfriend Clarke were here visiting). Our computer seems to be in good working order at last, and all of our out-of-town guests have come and gone for the summer, and our travelling is done as well, so perhaps I can get back into some kind of normal blogging routine again now.
Jocelyn, our friends' daughter, turned 7 last week, and for her birthday, I decided to make her a tooth fairy pillow. I had seen some cute ones on, and since owls are so popular right now, I decided to try to make one. I sketched out my own pattern and used it for everything but the pocket. I had bought Drew a pair of brown corduroy pants from the thrift store, and when I got home, I realized that the knees were more worn than I had thought. I decided to cut them up and recycle them as part of my pillow. I used one of the back pockets (which already had the button and the flap) and just finished the edges and attached it to the owl's back. I was even able to use the pocket lining as the backing on the owl's ears (horns?). The eyes and beak are felt, and I blanket stitched around the eyes. It turned out as I had pictured it in my mind, so I was pleased. It ended up being the perfect gift because Jocelyn has lost 2 teeth since we gave her the pillow!