Friday, July 10, 2009

Cook's Dairy Farm

Mom, Dad, Drew, and I drove up to Ortonville, MI one day last week for an afternoon at Cook's Dairy Farm.
We got ice cream right away - first things first! Mom and Dad got Cowpuchino, and I got Cow Pie. Both were so good!
We looked at the cows while we ate.
Drew shared with everyone.
Drew enjoyed looking at the cows but was a little nervous.
Once we got over to the baby calves, he wasn't nervous anymore. He wanted to pet them.

Now brave, he also wanted to pet the pigs, but we didn't think that was the best idea.
We came back around to look at the big cows again.
Drew and my dad in front of the huge tractor
We had a great time at the farm, and Drew has been talking about cows ever since!

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