Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer List - Library, Sonic Shakes, Metro Beach, and Choir Camp

We are still working our way through the summer list, and I have some pictures to share of some of our activities.

Visit the Library
Drew, Maddie, and I went to the library one afternoon.  The kids enjoyed trying out the different vehicles around the children's section.

They both played on the computers for a while before we went to pick out some books.  Our last stop was the movie section to choose a few DVD's to borrow, and while I was helping Drew, Maddie ran off.  After we finally found her at a drinking fountain outside the children's section, we went back into the children's section to check out our books.  I was having some trouble with my library card, so while I was trying to check out, Drew took Maddie over to another section to see a horse and cart.  I heard the librarian calling out, "No!  You shouldn't be up there!" and turned around to see that Maddie had climbed from the cart up on top of a book shelf.  I had to abandon my checking out to run across the children's section to pull Maddie down.  Needless to say, we will not be frequenting the library until Maddie learns to stay with me!
We stopped for 49 cent ice cream cones at McDonald's on our way home from the library.

Milkshakes from Sonic
We went to Sonic one Sunday night after church (on National Ice Cream Day) and got shakes for dinner. Since we were coming straight from church, we did not wear our jammies, as originally planned, but we did get our shakes.

Metro Beach
We picked Jim up from school one afternoon and drove over to spend a few hours at Metro Beach.  There is a Par 3 golf course in the park, and Jim and Drew played golf.  It was Drew's first time playing his own ball for an entire game!

Maddie and I spent some time on the playground.  She loves the slides, and she went up and down them again and again.

We also walked out to the beach to see the lake and then went over to the big outdoor pool to watch people go down the water slide and jump off the diving board.

It was a very hot afternoon, but we had a fun time!

Choir Camp
We had originally planned for Drew to go to our church's choir camp this summer, but we had to reschedule our family vacation, and the new dates fell during the camp.  Jim had a work commitment on the Monday of the choir camp, so since we were going to be in town for the first day of the camp, the camp directors told Drew he could come.
He went that morning and loved it.  He is already looking forward to going for a whole week of camp next summer!

Garden Box
Our garden is doing great, and we are almost ready to pick some tomatoes!

We also have several green peppers that are growing really well.

Hawkins Family Summer List
1.  Drew - Barnes and Noble summer reading program
2.  Make homemade ice cream
3.  Grill pizza and s'mores
4.  Go to the sprinkler park
5.  Have a garage sale
6.  Make a strawberry pie
7.  Go to the library
8.  Get Sonic shakes in our jammies (They are half-price after 8:00 pm!)
9.  Have a picnic
10.  Go putt-putting
11.  Go to Metro Beach
12.  Go to the Lego store
13.  Paint our bedroom
14.  Go to the dairy farm
15.  Drew - learn to ride a bike
16.  Drew - go to choir camp
17.  Drew and Jim - go to a Home Depot craft morning
18.  Make kabobs
19.  Keep up with our garden box - Tomatoes and peppers are growing, but nothing is ready to pick and eat quite yet!
20.  Go to the dentist - We have appointments for August and September!
21.  Organize the bedrooms - Drew, Maddie, Us
22.  Go to a baseball game
23.  Maddie - try potty training
24.  Go to Dress Like a Cow Day at Chick-Fil-a
25.  Go bowling

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