Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 6 and 7

I have some fun, busy weeks of Project Life to share today!
Week 6:
Maddie and I had a lot of fun at our church preschool group's mini Olympics this week!
 The children played lots of fun games in the gym.

Then we had a cute little Olympics-themed lunch.  I loved the torches (ice cream cones filled with Cheetos)!
 We also ate mini bagel sandwiches that were meant to resemble the Olympic rings.
 The morning ended with medals for each child, made from cookies!  It was a fun morning!
 One of my big projects this week was making 40 Mickey Mouse rice krispie treats for a baby shower.
 I will be sharing more about these later this week.
 Another big event for Maddie and me this week was a flight to South Carolina!  We had planned to travel to South Carolina as a family in mid-February when Jim went down for a teacher recruitment conference, but when my sister had her baby a month early, Jim and I decided that Maddie and I should go down early to meet Baby Della, and then the guys would join us the following week when Jim came for his conference.
Our flight left Saturday morning.  I debated about taking a stroller, but decided to let Maddie walk.  I thought it might be easier to get through security without the stroller, and I thought that Maddie would enjoy being able to move and get some energy out as we walked through the airports.
 We had two flights on our way from Detroit to Greenville, with a very short layover in Baltimore.  Our first flight was totally full, so Maddie had to sit on my lap (she was flying for free since she was not quite 2).  When we landed in Baltimore, we saw that our second flight was already boarding, so we got right in line.  The second flight had many empty seats, and we were able to have our own row all to ourselves.  Maddie did very well, for the most part, and I kept her entertained with snacks, books, a coloring book, and my Kindle Fire.
 That evening, my brother and sister and their families came over to my parents' house for dinner, and we got to meet Della.  She was still just tiny then.
 Maddie loves babies, and she was excited to get to hold her new cousin.
 Maddie is right between my brother's two children in age, and she and her older cousin, Ryan, had fun playing my parents' piano.

Here's what I did for Week 6.
 I added a little flap with an extra travel picture and some extra journaling about our flights.

Week 7:
This was our week apart from each other, with the girls in South Carolina and the boys in Michigan.  It was a very busy week for Jim as he prepared for the recruitment conference, so being a single parent for the week added to the craziness!  Our friend, Kristen, took Drew home from school on Wednesday so Jim could go to his weekly staff meeting at church.  Drew had lots of fun with Kristen's boys.
 Drew's class celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday.
 They did lots of fun games and activities.
 Maddie and I got to spend quite a bit of time with my sister and Della.
 We had quite a bit of excitement mid-week when we got a winter snow and ice storm.  The storm began on Tuesday and stretched over three days.  It brought about 6 inches of snow and then about 1/4 inch of ice.  The governor declared a state of emergency, and the local news was full of "helpful" hints about dealing with this "historic" snowfall.  The amount of snow was more than they normally ever get there, but the main issue was actually the ice.  Between the hilly roads, lack of road equipment, and loss of power that ice storms usually cause in that area, there was some legitimate cause for concern.
 After a few days of being snowed in, the snow and ice finally stopped Thursday morning.  By that afternoon, the temperature was in the forties, and the snow and ice started to melt pretty quickly.  It was interesting to be there for a different kind of winter storm than the ones we experience in Michigan.
 Once the roads cleared, we were able to spend time with family again.  Maddie enjoyed going to pick up Della each day.  She liked riding beside Della in the back seat of my mom's car.
 Friday was Valentine's Day and Maddie's birthday!  We were planning a family party for that weekend when Jim and Drew arrived, so we didn't do much to celebrate on Maddie's actual birthday.  We spent a nice, quiet day at my parents' house.
Here's what I did for Week 7.
 I also made an insert with one of Drew's Ninja Turtle Valentine cards that he gave out to his classmates and a little Valentine project and note from Drew.
 I love his handwriting and his creative spellings!
Here's how the two pages look side by side,
 and with the Valentine insert flipped.
This ended up being a huge post!  I am hoping to be back later this week with a post about rice krispy treats.

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